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Iqrit Youth Announcing their Return
Since August 5th, a large group of Iqrit youth announced their return to their home village Iqrith More Details ...
The UN is answered the request of "Iqrit community Association" and requests from Israel government.., answers, concerning the case of Iqrit
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Iqritians renovate church of Iqrit
19/11/2010 – For 5 Days, Iqritian group …
More Details ...
Sixty two years for Iqrit evacuation – Refugees meeting
06/11/2010 – In an exciting atmosphere the refugees …
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Tour in the destroyed Palestinian village - Iqit
02/10/2010 - attended by dozens of members of Zochrot associations and many others from the community members More Details ...
Iqrit talks
Dear guests,
Welcome to Iqrit Community Association, our village homeland. The site reviews the case of Iqrit Village since deportation to this day.
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